Supporting over 14 languages

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP is multi-company, multi-division, multi-department, multi- warehouse, supports multiple bins per warehouse, allows for nearly unlimited customers, ship-to’s, ship-for’s, and vendors.
The system is Multi-Currency and Multi-Lingual, supporting over 14 languages of the world out of the box. You can also easily edit existing language translations, or, add your own language into the system if you require a language that has not been added yet!

Accounting system with source code

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP is a complete accounting system with source code (You can buy Source Code license) for the Dot Net Environment. This system is multi-tiered, with a Database back-end in SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express 2005, a business logic layer implemented as a web service, and two presentation layers, an Internet-Based ASP Dot Net presentation layer, and a VB Dot Net Desktop Shell presentation Layer. For more information, please review the material below.

Unlimited scalability

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP’s multi-tier design separates the Interface (Presentation Layer) from the Business Logic and the Database Layer, so the system can be easily adapted to environments or easily scaled across multiple systems.

The Multi-tier design of the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP application allows for unlimited scalability.

When you purchase our package, you receive the full and complete source code for the entire BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP system, which means you have -zero- reliance on software vendors and you are therefore protected from adversarial vendors and arbitrary price increases, and completely protected from vendor insolvency.

Your business intellectual property is protected since you can develop your own software based on your trade secrets in-house.

Your Investment is protected since the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP package grows and scales with your company at no extra cost, and if your needs change you can re-implement your new needs within the software.

Your custom changes are protected. BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP is designed for customization and modification, and by following our simple design guidelines your custom changes to the software are protected from release to release.

Your data is protected as well. There are many security safeguards in the system, and all of the web services within the system are private to the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP application and can only be accessed through an enterprise client.

Our BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP system is a FULL Dot Net Managed Code ERP & Accounting System, using Multi-Tiered Web Services Based Dot Net 2.0 Architecture, for both the VB Dot Net and ASP Dot Net platforms, implemented using all of the new advanced features of Visual Studio ERP and SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express ERP, including the use of master pages, themes, and xml form definitions. You can access the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA application, either locally or remotely, using either the Desktop Interface or the Internet interface, they are fully interchangeable!

The Multi-tier design of the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA application allows for unlimited scalability.

You can:

run the entire application on one server,

run each layer on it’s own server,

or split the application across multiple servers.

What does all this mean for your company? This means that you can buy the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP System and run it on a single server, and as your company and your needs grow, you can add servers to your installation and scale the software upwards without changing a line of code. This technology also allows you to operate two user interfaces against the same set of web services and accounting engine, a VB Dot Net based Desktop Shell Interface for use over LAN and WAN or VPN links for desktop shell clients, and a ASP Dot Net Interface that can be used world-wide over the Internet. Your software operates the same and on the same data no matter where you are in the world. You can easily access the software from any browser and have all of the functions available to you!

This is a full Dot Net 2.0 product, written in 100% Managed Dot Net code from the ground up. This is not a port of a client / server product, nor it is a client / server product with a XML interface added on after the fact. The system was designed for Dot Net from the ground up. This is NOT a port of our earlier VB 6 or Access Products!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP includes complete source code for every part of the system, all of the tiers to the system and the stored procedures. You can add fields, web services, add or modify any part of the system that you like, not just the front-end forms. We do not charge extra for the stored procedures, we do not charge extra for the business logic of the system, you receive all of the real source code for the complete system, not just an API, and you are granted full distribution rights to the software so you can modify the package specifically for your customers, integrate the package into one of your existing products, or build and private label your own accounting system.
Please review our developer-friendly license agreement for the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA ERP Package here:
There are no per user fees or per connection fees, since it never made sense to us to charge extra for the exact same software just because a few more people may be using it. There are no third party components or controls used in the software, so there is nothing additional to buy.

We don’t charge extra for many of the things that our competitors charge extra for, like the SQL Server Stored Procedures, the XML Web Services, or the source code for the actual “Accounting Engine”. You get the full source code, every line of it, not just an accounting DLL or an API to an accounting engine!

Our primary product is BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP Features

BilTAY Technology, SCIENTA™ ERP includes all of the basic accounting system functionality you would expect from a normal Accounting / ERP system implemented within a multi-tier, dot net 2.0 framework supporting master pages and XML, which allows for easy scalability and extendibility. The can be included source code(You can buy Source Code license) allows you to enhance, modify or customize any aspect of the systems operation. The BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP Package is only $9,999.99 USD

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Entry
  • Quotes and Contracts
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Job Tracking and Costing
  • CRM with Web Integration
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Payroll Framework
  • Help Desk Integrated Help Desk