Steps to be taken to be Lean Production and Lean Company will reduce your cost while increasing both your speed and customer satisfaction. Your company’s ability to remain strong and healthy within the Supply Chain, depends on the fact that it has reduced costs but increased the effectiveness of the service it provides to its customers.

No matter how big your company is, it is never completely independent within the Supply Chain. Therefore, while dealing with its own internal problems, it must ensure the integration of both the wishes of its customers and its suppliers. This need for two-sided integration forces your company to keep up with different methods and continuously increase its productivity.

The basic wastes targeted by the lean production system are:

      • Production surplus
      • Idle standby
      • Unnecessary transport and maintenance
      • Unnecessary and non-value operations
      • Overstock
      • Production Movement losses
      • Defective parts production (Scrap)

Project Subjects We Can Work Together

Better Operation of the Cost System

To know the cost of your products for you, to compare the cost goal and actual cost of each product, to be able to monitor the factors that create the cost, to see the profitability of customers one by one.

When you have them quickly and accurately, your company will work more efficiently and the structure you build will be more permanent. Otherwise you will not be able to leave even a moment, months, years that when you have to keep an eye open are waiting for you.

Ensuring Inventory Registration Accuracy

Inventory Registration Accuracy means that your computer program can provide the same amount of inventory and counts as reported. If your company’s Registration Accuracy Rate is below 95%, Sales-Purchasing and Production decisions will be at risk and the “Cost” values that you desire to obtain on the computer will not reflect the reality. On the other hand, ensuring Inventory Registration Accuracy is a prerequisite for ERP / MRP studies. In this study, your company’s stock process will be checked from start to finish, open points will be found and a business plan will be prepared in order to increase your registration accuracy rate above 95% in a short time.

Establishment of Equipment Efficiency Measurement and Evaluation System (OEE)

Whether the subject is production or service, equipment efficiency is a key performance scale (OEE).In the world average, this efficiency value is in the range of 50-60%, which means that only half of the available equipment or service time is used for “income”.At the end of this project, your company will be able to see the losses and causes of losses and reduce them according to their priorities.

Reduction of Cost and Waste

Permanent reduction of cost can be considered as a reduction of total expenditure or obtaining more “salable” products at the same expenditure level. The aim of this project is to find and reduce your company’s inefficiencies, to reduce total cost permanently and to place this perspective in your company’s business structure.

Creating Product Index and Production Database

Unless you have reliable and accurate product index (BOM) and route information, it is not possible to reach your targeted results in material management, capacity management, work order system, OEE study, budgeting and costing. With this study, you will reveal how you can create a product index that can meet the expectations of your company, and how a stock and production work order mechanism should be established in the continuation of this definition.