Typical Usages of the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP System

  • Make Your Own Fully Customizable ERP System!
  • A Base ERP System to support your vertical applications!
  • An ERP System for Geographically-Dispersed Companies!
  • An ERP System that supports outsourced departments!
  • An ERP System for Franchises!
  • An ERP System for Fund Accounting!
  • A Multi-Lingual ERP System for Overseas Operation!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA’s Top Ten Features!

Sales Productivity!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP allows all of your employees to enter and share company data concurrently in real-time across town or across the world! You can easily and quickly enter orders and check inventory from the field using a web browser or a Smart Phone! Manage your customers, process of good’s delivery, invoice info and so many things where you want!

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP uses Microsoft Dot Net Technology (Dot Net Framework 2.0), the most powerful and scalable software platform available today! It allows the software to run both locally and over the Internet! The system works with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server Express 2005 (the FREE version of SQL Server 2005!) which connects natively with thousands of third party Data Warehousing, Data Management, and Customer Relation Tools.

Unlimited scalability!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP scales along with your organization. Start out with a one-server configuration, and as your company and needs grow the BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ will scale with your organization by simply adding inexpensive servers to the configuration. There are no per user, per server, or per processor licensing or pricing, and nothing more to buy, BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP will run on any number of servers!

User Interface Simple to Use!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP has very simple user interfaces that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Data is summarized in grids in many places and there are many transaction reports and drill-downs to help you manage and maintain your data! Don’t you like our Interface? You can completely customize it using the new Master Pages feature of Visual Studio 2005.

Better Management Decisions Faster!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP operates in real-time, so you always have the fastest access to the latest company data! Quickly spot trends and always have the latest information to help you make the best decisions! Produce real-time financial statements!

Easy to Administer, Widely-Used Platform!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows 2003 servers, which are easy and straightforward to administer and maintain, easy to perform and validate system backups, and allow you to take advantage of Microsoft’s built-in replication, scalability, clustering, and multi-processor features at the most cost-effective price available!


BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP comes with modules that help you connect with the most important people to your company. An integrated Web-Based CRM System helps you keep in contact with your potential customers while an Integrated Web-Based Shopping Cart allows you to convert your leads to customers, and an Integrated Web Based Support System helps you keep your customers!

Reports Engine Included!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP uses no proprietary third party reporting components, so there is nothing extra to purchase. The system comes with a full set of reports, and all of these reports are either pre-defined in ASPX or HTML, or created dynamically automatically from pre-defined stored procedures in your system. All reports export directly into Microsoft Excel!

Completely Customizable and Modifiable!

If you want BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP comes with Complete source code (You can buy Source Code License) for the entire package. No, we don’t charge extra for the “Accounting Engine” portion of the code! No, we don’t charge extra for stored procedures! The system comes with every single line of source code and you can modify it as little or as much as you require! Since the system uses SQL Server 2005 for it’s data and business logic, it is very easy to add fields or entire accounting processes to our accounting engine!

Think Globally, Act Globally!

BilTAY Technology SCIENTA™ ERP is multi-currency, multi-lingual, and supports various models of VAT Taxation that allow the software to be used globally! You can use the Global Features in conjunction with the ASP Dot Net Interface and have the software in operation globally! Switch between languages “On-The-Fly”, customize our included translations, or now you can edit and enter your OWN language translations!